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About the 2011-2014 Research

Information on the 2011-2013 research on HCI Education

New and Updated

We're hosting a workshop, Developing a living HCI curriculum to support a global community, at CHI 2014. We've also begun curating a set of educational resources including syllabi, a list of HCI degree programs, a list of summer internships, and of links to key educational resources found elsewhere.  

    About the 2011- 2014 Research

    ACM SIGCHI is conducting a research project to understand emerging subjects, topics, and challenges in the field of HCI between March 2011 and December 2013. Our objective is to describe the current landscape of HCI education and to offer recommendations for both the academic study of HCI and for applied HCI practitioner learning.  This work builds on the HCI Curriculum established by SIGCHI in 1992.

    Our research draws on a number of methods and includes:

    • review of programs offering academic degrees in HCI and related fields around the globe
    • review of core and elective HCI courses included those directed at advanced practitioner learning 
    • review of textbooks and other teaching materials
    • interviews, surveys, and focus groups with global students, educators, and practitioners
    • online discussions where the SIGCHI community can help interpret research results (in progress)

    This research is being spearhead by Elizabeth Churchill, Jenny Preece, and Anne Bowser.  For more information about these researchers, please visit our bios.  Results and interpretations to date can be found at emerging research.

    Call for Participation

    We are looking for survey participants who consider HCI critical and central to their work, whatever their primary educational background may have been.  If this sounds like you, please take our survey here.  We also invite you to share the survey link with associates, colleagues, and/or professors you know who are also engaged in the theory, teaching, learning and practice of HCI.

    UPDATE: The above survey has been taken by over 500 respondents and translated into Portugese and Chinese. Our work in 2013 is marked by a renewed dedication to cross-cultural validation of our preliminary research results. We are looking for people to help us translate the survey into additional languages and/or disseminate the survey to new and different user groups.  If you are willing to help, please email Anne at 

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