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Officers and Committees

ACM SIGCHI is run by the Executive Committee (EC), which includes elected officers, the immediate past EC Chair and appointed office-holders.

ACM SIGCHI Officers and Committees


Executive Committee (EC)

ACM SIGCHI is run by the Executive Committee (EC), which includes elected officers, the immediate past Chair, editors of membership publications, and appointed office-holders.

Key to the entries below: Each committee or role name (e.g., Executive Committee, Vice President for Publications) may link to an official job description, followed by a link to a CHI mail alias or list (e.g., sigchi-EC or sigchi-VP-Publications), possibly followed by a link to a related web page (e.g., [info]). For real people, ACM or other email addresses are listed.

Executive Committee SIGCHI bylaws for Executive Committee role (SIGCHI-EC at
Position Name Email
President Loren Terveen
sigchi-president at
Executive Vice President Helena Mentis
sigchi-Executive-VP at
Vice President for Membership and Communication Regina Bernhaupt
sigchi-VP-membership at
Vice President for Finance Dan Olsen
sigchi-VP-Finances at
Vice President at Large Susan Dray

Vice President at Large Vicki Hanson

Vice President for Publications Clff Lampe
sigchi-VP-Publications at
Vice President for Conferences John "Scooter" Morris
sigchi-VP-Conferences at
Vice President for Chapters Tuomo Kujala
sigchi-VP-chapters at
Vice President for Operations Fred Sampson
sigchi-VP-Operations at
Past President Gerrit van der Veer
sigchi-past-president at

Editors-in-Chief of ACM interactions (eic at [info]
    Ron Wakkary and Erik Stolterman
ACM Liaison (sigchi-ACM-Liaison at

Adjunct Chairs

Position Name Email
Adjunct Chair for Specialized Conferences Aaron Quigley
sigchi-AC-Specialized-Conferences at
Adjunct Chair for the Developing World Zhengjie Liu liuzhj at
Adjunct Chair for Public Policy Jonathan Lazar JLazar at
Adjunct Chair for Education Jenny Preece preece at
Adjunct Chair for Mentoring John Thomas truthtable at

Adjunct Chair for Awards Ben Bederson
bederson at
IFIP Liaison John Karat and at interim Gerrit van der Veer sigchi-AC-IFIP-liaison at
Adjunct Chair for SIGCHI Communities Dan Olsen olsen at COMPSCI.BYU.EDU
Adjunct Chair for Media+Brand Patrick Gage Kelley sigchi-media at

Conference Management Committee

sigchi-CMC at [conferences]

Chair: Vice President for Conference Planning (sigchi-VP-Conferences at [info] John "Scooter" Morris


Members of the Core CMC (9 persons)
Tom Erickson PCS liaison
Regina Bernhaupt Conferences Surveys
Ashley Cozzi acozzi at ACM representative
Gerrit van der Veer ACM SIGCHI Chair
Scooter Morris VP for Conferences and chair of CMC
Aaron Quigley aquigley at Adjunct chair for specialized conferences
Jesse Cirimele Video Capture
Max Van Kleek Review/Submission Process
Lindsay Reynolds Conference Archive

 Past and future CHI conferences Chairs
Allison Druin allisond_at_UMIACS.UMD.EDU CHI2016 co-Chair
Jofish Kaye CHI2016 co-Chair
Jinwoo Kim CHI2015 co-Chair
Bo Begole CHI2015 co-Chair
Matt Jones CHI2014 co-Chair
Philippe Palanque CHI2014 co-Chair

Steering Committees Chairs of SIGCHI Sponsored Conferences
When a conference has been organized for more than 5 times under the auspices of SIGCHI with the (co-)sponsored status (50% at least), the CMC will support the creation of a steering committee (SC) for that conference (if not already existing). The chair of this committee will be the privileged contact point with SIGCHI EC and SIGCHI CMC providing feedback on the issues faced by the conference series and transferring information and procedures to the organizers of the next conferences of that series. The chair will become a member of SIGCHI CMC.
Pamela Hinds phinds at CSCW Steering Committee Chair
Philippe Palanque EICS Steering Committee Chair
Kim Halskov DIS Steering Committee Chair
Rynson Lau VRST Steering Committee Chair
Scott Hudson UIST Steering Committee Chair
Michelle Zhou IUI Steering Committee Chair
Daniel Gatica-Perez ICMI Steering Committee Chair
Andrew ETRA Steering Committee Chair
Judy Kay UbiComp Steering Committee Chair
Paul Resnick RecSyS Steering Committee Chair
Kori Inkpen Quinn GROUP Steering Committee Chair
Pablo Cesar TVX Steering Committee Chair
Aaron Quigley aquigley at Mobile HCI Steering Committee Chair
Elise van den Hoven E.v.d.Hoven at TEI Steering Committee co-Chair
Ali Mazalek mazalek at TEI Steering Committee co-Chair
Pamela Hinds phinds at CABS (formerly ICIC and IWIC) Steering Committee Chair
Juan Pablo Hourcade juanpablo-hourcade at IDC Steering Committee Chair
Vanessa Evers v.evers at HRI Steering Committee Chair

Publications board

Contact Cliff Lampe, Vice President for Publications (sigchi-VP-Publications at for information on the Publications Board members and initiatives.
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