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ACM TechNews SIGCHI Edition


About ACM SIGCHI TechNews

ACM is pleased to introduce the new ACM TechNews – SIGCHI Edition as benefit of ACM SIGCHI Membership and SIGCHI Chapter Membership. The TechNews SIGCHI Edition will be provided to SIGCHI Members and SIGCHI Chapter Members on a monthly basis.

SIGCHI 2014 Awards

SIGCHI congratulates the 2014 award winners.

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ACM Webinar on recommender systems

Recommender Systems: The Power of Personalization

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SIGCHI election results

The results of the SIGCHI leadership election are in.

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Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Notes of the January 2012 SIGCHI Executive Committee Meeting have been added.

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SIGCHI Member Judith Olson Named ACM "Athena Lecturer"

The Association for Computing Machinery’s Council on Women in Computing (ACM-W) has named Judith S. Olson of the University of California, Irvine as the 2011-2012 Athena Lecturer.

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SIGCHI Election Results

The election results are in.

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SIGCHI congratulates the 2011 SIGCHI award winners

Larry Tesler, Terry Winograd, Ravin Balakrishnan, Steven Feiner, Joseph Konstan, James Landay, Jenny Preece, Abi Sellen, Arnie Lund, Jim Miller, Alan Newell, Clayton Lewis

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Meeting notes added to the site

Meeting notes for recent Executive Committee meetings and conference calls have been posted.

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SIGCHI congratulates the 2010 SIGCHI award winners

Susanne Bodker, Mary Czerwinski, Austin Henderson, David Kieras, Arnie Lund, Larry Tesler, Shumin Zhai, Karen Holtzblatt, Lucy Suchman, Ben Bederson, and Allison Druin.

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SIGCHI congratulates the 2009 SIGCHI award winners

Sara Kiesler, Mark Ackerman, Bill Gaver, Clayton Lewis, Wendy Mackay, Aaron Marcus, Elizabeth Mynatt, Tom Rodden, Clare-Marie Karat, Steven Pemberton and Helen Petrie.

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SIGCHI congratulates our 2008 ACM Distinguished Members

Distinguished Engineer: Susan M. Dray, and Distinguished Scientist: Andreas Girgensohn

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SIGCHI congratulates the 2008 SIGCHI award winners

Bill Buxton, Gregory Abowd, Paul Dourish, Wendy Kellogg, Randy Pausch, Mary Beth Rosson, Steve Whittaker, John Karat, Marian Williams and Vicki Hanson.

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