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Organizing A SIGCHI Sponsored Conference

SIGCHI is part of ACM that has its policy and procedure guidelines on conference organization, see

SIGCHI Specialized Conferences 


ACM SIGCHI Specialized Conferences are all conferences other than CHI that involve ACM SIGCHI as sponsor or co-sponsor, or are in-cooperation with another party. The ACM SIGs will consider cooperating with (lending their name to) conferences which are fully sponsored by other nonprofit incorporated organizations. This status is know as “in-cooperation ” and is appropriate when it will lead to enhanced visibility in the technical community, access to services of the sponsoring organization sometimes at reduced rates, and discounted rates for ACM/SIG members for conference registration and conference by-products.

 Why request ACM SIGCHI sponsorship?

  • All SIGCHI Specialized Conferences (either sponsoredco-sponsored or in-cooperation) benefit from full advertisement in appropriated ACM channels, including the magazine Interactions
  • ACM SIGCHI bears sole responsibility for promoting, organizing, providing the initial investment, and any financial risk and financial benefit associated with sponsored conference.
  • ACM SIGCHI shares financial responsibility (including risks and benefits) for co-sponsored conferences with one or more other professional societies. ACM SIGCHI may or may not be the principal promoter and/or organizer of the conference. 
  • ACM SIGCHI can ensure the promotion of an in-cooperation conference but does not carry any financial risks or benefits, and does not take responsibility for the organization of the conference.
  • Proceedings generated from conferences are automatically approved for ACM Digital Library inclusion. If the conference sponsor (or anyone else) holds copyright on the proceedings, permission needs to be given to ACM to include the proceedings in the Digital Library.

Roadmap for conference organizers

If you are organizing a conference you might consider getting support from ACM SIGCHI.

For general questions about ACM SIGs sponsorship, please contact

Re-publication of work in English that was previously published in another language

English is considered the international language of ACM SIGCHI and its journals and conferences. Work that has previously been presented or published in a language other than English may be translated and presented or published in English in SIGCHI journals and conferences insofar as ACM SIGCHI is concerned. The original author should typically also be the author (or co-author) of work translated into English and it should be made clear that this is a translation. We encourage authors whose work was originally published in languages other than English to do this if they feel their work is of sufficient relevance and quality to be useful to a wider international audience. We encourage conference technical chairs and journal editors to make it clear that papers which are otherwise acceptable should not be rejected on the basis that they have previously been published in a language other than English. In some cases, work originally published for a very select regional audience may be improved by rewriting (as well as translating) so that the relevance to a wider audience is clarified. Of course, it is not acceptable to translate the original work of another author and present it as one’s own. Authors wishing to publish in English a work originally published elsewhere also need to check their original copyright agreement with the original publisher to make sure that this is permissible according to that agreement.

ACM SIGCHI Specialized Conferences Committee

  • Philippe Palanque (chair: approval for ACM SIGCHI support - calendar of events)
  • Regina Bernhaupt (surveys management and reporting and CHI conference courses)
  • Marco Winckler (process for sponsored, co-sponsored and in-cooperation approval and support)
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