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Final Reports

Once a project has submitted its final report, it will be added to this page.

CSCW Writing Workshop for Latin American Researchers

This workshop was funded by SIGCHI and held during the Brazilian Symposium on Collaborative System and the Brazilian Symposium on Human Factors in Computer Systems from November 3rd to 5th.

CSCW Writing Workshop for Latin American Researchers - Read More…


Report on CHI PLAY representation at the SIGCHI CMC meeting in San Jose 2015. CHI PLAY is a young conference that started in 2014. We have already been successful in creating a vibrant and growing community (150 attendees in 2014, 180+ attendees in 2015). The steering committee are committed to making it a long term success. We therefore viewed attendance at the CMC meeting in San Jose in Dec 2015 as an important opportunity for us to learn more about SIGCHI and the other sub­conferences. Funding was requested from the Conference Development Fund to support attendance at the meeting.

CHI PLAY at 2015 SIGCHI CMC - Read More…

CSCW 2016 Telepresence Report

The telepresence program was effective and highly usable for many remote attendees. Beams were also used opportunistically to support other functions at the conference, e.g., panel discussants. Through our explorations, we also learned about some important challenges that should be addressed in future telepresence programs.

CSCW 2016 Telepresence Report - Read More…

ICMI student travel and keynotes 2015

"To fund international student speakers and keynote speakers to attend the conference". The proposal for support for 2015 came in as SIGCHI was moving from the old model to this new "Conference Development fund". The proposal and report and included here for full transparency but shouldn't be seen as models for others.

ICMI student travel and keynotes 2015 - Read More…

IUI 2016 Student Consortium

The IUI 2016 Student Consortium is similar to the Doctoral Consortium typical to many conferences, but open to students working towards postgraduate degrees at any level. This proposal was approved by the SIGCHI core CMC.

IUI 2016 Student Consortium - Read More…

ETRA 2016 Tutorials

ETRA is the largest eye-tracking conference in the USA and focuses on all aspects of eye movement research across a wide range of disciplines. The goal of ETRA is to bring together computer scientists, engineers and behavioral scientists in support of a common vision of moving eye tracking research and its application forward. This is the final report on the three tutorials on (Eye-tracking and Visualization, Mining Scanpath Sequences with R and TraMineR Packages: A Hands-On Introduction and Eye data quality: measuring, calculating, and reporting) given at the Eye Tracking Research and Applications conference in 2016 attended by 37 participants.

ETRA 2016 Tutorials - Read More…

Ubicomp / ISWC 2016 - Development Fund Report

Diversity and inclusiveness are key concerns of UBICOMP/ISWC , for example the conference alternates each year between Asia, Europe and North America. As a key aspect of long term strategy the conference strive to continuously broaden and diversify its base by targeting and supporting young researchers and students from various countries and backgrounds. In the end, using reduced SIGCHI funding thanks to corporate support and some NSF funding the proposers were able to support International Student Volunteers and the Doctoral Colloquium with this SIGCHI award.

Ubicomp / ISWC 2016 - Development Fund Report - Read More…

MobileHCI 2016: Student Support and “Future of MobileHCI Panel”

2016 ACM International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services. This grant was to fund international student to attend the conference (doctoral consortium) and cover possible expenses of the panelists on Mobile Interaction, Computing and Life.

MobileHCI 2016: Student Support and “Future of MobileHCI Panel” - Read More…

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