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HRI 2006 Details

HRI 2006 Conference Committee

HRI 2006 was held from March 2-3 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Table of Contents


General chair

Michael A. Goodrich, Brigham Young University

Program co-chair

Alan C. Schultz, Naval Research Laboratory

David J. Bruemmer, Idaho National Engineering and

Publicity chair

Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, Institute for Human and Machine Cognition

Pensacola, Florida

Publicity co-chair

Nilanjan Sarkar, Vanderbilt University

Finance chair

Julie A. Adams, Vanderbilt University

Local Arrangements chair

Nick Flann, Utah State University

Exhibitions chair

Jean Scholtz, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Registration chair

Marge Skubic, University of Missouri

Senior Program Committee

Ronald Arkin, GA Tech

Henrik Christensen, KTH

Hiroshi Ishiguro,Osaka U.

Robin R. Murphy, USF

Aude Billard, EPFL

Kerstin Dautenhahn, UK

Sara Kiesler, CMU

Frank E. Schneider, FGAN

Cynthia Breazeal, MIT

Terry Fong, NASA

David Kortenkamp, NASA

Reid Simmons, CMU

Greg Trafton, NRL

Program Committee

Jill Drury, MITRE, USA

Maja Mataric, USC, USA

Holly Yanco, Umass-Lowell, USA

Cheryl Martin, Univ of Texas at Austin, USA

Marge Skubic, Univ of Missouri, USA 

Bill Smart, WUSTL, USA

Dennis Perzanowski, NRL, USA

Brian Scassellati, Yale, USA

Boris Trouvain, FGAN, Germany

Aaron Steinfeld, CMU, USA

Shigeki Sugano, Waseda, Japan

Francois Michaud, U. Sherbrooke, Canada

Christine Lisetti, Institut EURECOM, France

Cecilia Laschi, Scuola Superiorre Sant'Anna, Italy

Pam Hinds, Stanford, USA

Chris Atkeson, CMU, USA

David Woods, Ohio State Univ, USA

Jeff Bradshaw, IHMC, USA

Alonso Vera, NASA ARC, USA

Bruce Maxwell, Swarthmore, USA

Manuela Veloso, CMU, USA

Michael Lewis, Univ of Pitt, USA

James Allen, IMHC, USA

Rene de Pontbriand, ARL, USA

Vladimir Kulyukin, Utah State Univ, USA

Guy Boy, EURISCO, France

Doug Few, INL, USA

Candy Sidner, MERL, USA

Julie Adams<, Vanderbilt Univ, USA

Illah Nourbakhsh, CMU, USA

Raja Parasuraman, George Mason University

Maarten Sierhuis, NASA ARC

Julie Marble, INL, USA


Attendance data is not available for HRI 2006

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