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The UbiComp Community

161 members (81 participants, 80 affiliates)


UbiComp 2014 will be in Seattle, Sept. 13- 17th.

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Joint Steering Committee of the Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing Conference Series has more information about the Joint Steering Committee that organizes the conference.

Community Information

Look here for more UbiComp information.


The UbiComp SIGCHI Community is a bridge between the field of human-computer interaction and the field of ubiquitous computing. A core aim of the Community is to maximize cooperation between the ACM Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (sponsored jointly by SIGCHI/SIGMOBILE) via its steering committee (, and other parts of SIGCHI. To facilitate communication between the UbiComp SIGCHI Community and the UbiComp Steering committee: (1) The SIGCHI UbiComp community chair joins the UbiComp Joint Steering Committee ( as a non-voting member if not already on the UbiComp JSC. This person holds the role of SIGCHI Liason on the JSC. (2) The UbiComp JSC chair serves as an appointed officer in the SIGCHI UbiComp community.


Chair: AJ Brush

Membership Info

Member vs. Affilate:

A member of SIGCHI can join up to 5 communities as a member. Members can vote and hold elected office in communities. Anyone (SIGCHI member or not) can join any number of communities as an affiliate to receive updates and information about those communities.