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April 18-23, 1998, Los Angeles, CA USA

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Press Coverage of CHI 98

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Banks that chat, and other irrelevancies
April 20, 1998. Forbes Magazine article by Carrie Shook. From the Forbes site, Technology section, Computers/Communication subsection.
Conference tackles ease-of-use issues
April 23, 1998. Associated Press article. From the USA Today site, Tech section.
Sun 'guru' studies Web's future
April 27, 1998. By Leslie Helm, Los Angeles Times. From the Austin 360 site, Tech section.
Web Expert Tells What Makes a Site 'Click'
By David Bloom, Los Angeles Daily News. From the New York Times Syndicate site.

Index of Press Releases

Press releases that were used to help promote CHI 98.

Health Care, Trust, and High Technology
Medical informatics systems must "keep no secrets and tell no lies".
Entertainment and Technology: Worlds in Collaboration
Brenda Laurel & Emmy Award winners featured at conference on computers and human factors.
The HAL 9000 is a Bad Idea
Computer scientist insists on machines that make people smart (rather than making machines that are smart).
Polluting Cyberspace is a Bad Idea
Jakob Nielsen, web site design expert, calls for less trash along the information superhighway.
Computer Pioneer Alan Kay to Speak
"Is the Best Way to Predict the Future to Invent It? Or to Prevent It?"

May 10, 1998