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April 18-23, 1998, Los Angeles, CA USA

The Evolution of CHI 98

Photo retrospective of the work leading up to CHI 98, from the Opening Plenary presenation by the conference chairs. April 21, 1998. Created by Student Volunteers Josh Creter and Carolyn Gale.

Table of Contents

  1. Start here: The Evolution of CHI 98 "Making the Impossible Possible"
  2. Stage 1: The Vision Emerges
  3. The Vision sprouts from a walk in the woods - October, 1996
  4. Diane Darrow, ACM SIGCHI Program Director, gets CHI 98 off and rolling with Clare-Marie Karat
  5. The team is 'recruited' - with bribes, arm-twisting, and whatever it takes
  6. Gene Lynch facilitates the Creative Development Meeting and the framework is built - December 1996
  7. "LA, here we come!" CHI 98 Kick-Off Meeting - January 1997
  8. Clare-Marie Karat and Arnie Lund preside at the CHI 98 Kick-Off Meeting
  9. Robin Jeffries, Mentoring Liaison; John Karat, Papers Co-Chair; Clare-Marie; Rosemary Wick Stevens, Publicity - CHI 98 Kick-Off Meeting
  10. Select a space, call for papers and "they will come": The Call for Participation is out!!! - March 1997
  11. Invitation to CHI 98 at CHI 97 Closing Plenary in Atlanta - March 1997
  12. The unexpected happens - ACM SIGCHI professional staff Diane Darrow and Tricia Irving both leave
  13. "To the rescue!" - new Conference Manager Paul Henning and David Riederman, ACM SIGCHI Program Director
  14. Primitive groupware supports CHI 98 Conference planning for 1.5 years
  15. Clare-Marie's Conference office, complete with a palm tree from the CHI 98 Invitation in Atlanta
  16. The Webmaster, Keith Instone, launches the CHI 98 Web site
  17. CHI 98 hits the Web - March 1997
  18. The budget is finalized thanks to ACM finance wizards Darren Ramdin and John DeLorenzo - June 1997
  19. The CHI Community is invited to join the Reviewer Database - June 1997
  20. The "Big Picture" is completed at the Summer 97 Operations Meeting - July 1997
  21. Stage 2: The Technical Program
  22. IBM hosts the Technical Program Meeting at the Palisades in New York - November, 1997
  23. John Karat, Papers Co-Chair
  24. Joëlle Coutaz, Papers Co-Chair
  25. Papers Meeting: Working Session
  26. Anna Long, Operational Support for the Paper Review Process
  27. John Thomas, meta-reviewer, at the Papers Meeting
  28. Janette Coble, Health Care App Chair; Allison Druin, Education Chair; Fran Arble, Entertainment Chair
  29. Advance Program: the deliverable from the Technical Program meeting!!! - January 1998
  30. Stage 3: Final Planning
  31. The proceedings go to press!!!
  32. The Co-Chairs see the light at the end of the tunnel!
  33. Final Planning: The pace picks up as details are ironed out - January 1998
  34. Final Planning: Paul Henning, Eric Bergman, Nancy Frishberg, David Hamilton, Jodi Morrison
  35. Final Planning: Angela Boltman and Allison Druin, CHIkids Co-Chairs
  36. Debbie Hall, editor extraordinare; Gerrit Van der Veer, CMC Liaison; Eric Bergman & Nancy Frishberg
  37. Hans de Graaff and Mike Byrne, Student Volunteer Co-Chairs, finalize the Master Plan for 150 SVs
  38. Early Registration Deadline: "OK, let's see those numbers" - March 1998
  39. "Whew, let's see YOU wait around while 80% of the registration comes in over the Web in the last 24 hours!!! A Web day can really take it out of you."
  40. Final Program: The Chairs' stress levels begin to drop as they enter the home stretch - April 1998
  41. Stage 4: Onsite Setup
  42. CHI 98 takes the LA Convention Center by storm - Friday, April 17th, 1998
  43. "Well, if everyone pitches in, we'll be set up by Tuesday"
  44. Boxes, boxes, and more boxes: Setting up the CHI 98 Conference Office
  45. Mid-Setup: Mike Yancy, Conference Logistics Management
  46. Borysa Struk and Jeff Whitney, Conference Logistics Management
  47. The LA Convention Center Management
  48. David Riederman, ACM SIGCHI Program Director, after dim sum in Chinatown
  49. CHIkids setup: The calm before the storm
  50. Carole Mann, Registration Goddess: She knows if you (and your credit card) have been bad or good...
  51. Mike and Hans at Student Volunteer Training: "Will work 20 hours for food"
  52. Student Volunteers always make the impossible possible
  53. Hammering out the details of the opening plenary
  54. The Plan
  55. Tutorials get CHI 98 into gear
  56. Betty Edwards' tutorial on Drawing on the right side of the brain
  57. Tutorial on Web site design - Jared Spool et al. shake, rattle, and roll
  58. Julie Jacko and Andrew Sears, Tutorial Co-Chairs, in quiet repose
  59. Workshops are in-depth discussions of topical areas
  60. A mysterious Workshop moment
  61. OK, ready to rock and roll!!!
  62. Welcome to CHI 98!

April 21, 1998