CHI Logo CHI 98
April 18-23, 1998, Los Angeles, CA USA

Welcome to Educators

Education Application Domain Chair
Allison Druin
Technology has changed the way we educate people...from grade school to graduate school, from workplace training to home schooling...

We need to understand how the world of education should change the technologies we make.

We need to understand how the technologies we make can change the way people learn in educational environments.

If you are a developer of educational technologies, a researcher of new educational practices, a teacher interested in future technologies: CHI 98 is for you!

The Advance Program lists everything you need to know about the conference, including the conference program and registration details. Be sure to check out the education sessions.

Newcomers to the conference may want to start with the conference welcome and the Human-Computer Interaction introductory sessions.

March 5, 1998