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April 18-23, 1998, Los Angeles, CA USA

The CHI 98 Photo Album

Photo collection from the CHI 98 conference, shown at the Closing Plenary session, April 23, 1998. Created by Student Volunteers Josh Creter and Carolyn Gale and the Conference Chairs.

Table of Contents

  1. Start here: The CHI 98 Photo Album
  2. Day One: Tuesday, April 21
  3. The CHIkids prepare to infiltrate the Opening Plenary
  4. CHIkids invade plenary
  5. CHIkids invade plenary
  6. CHIkids invade plenary
  7. CHIkids invade plenary
  8. CHIkids invade plenary
  9. CHIkids invade Opening Plenary, much to Ben's delight
  10. CHIkids invade Plenary
  11. Opening Plenary with Arnie and Clare-Marie
  12. Paper Co-Chairs Joëlle Coutaz and John Karat question Ben Shneiderman at the Keynote
  13. High energy Ben! Wooo!
  14. Tutorial notes go like hotcakes!
  15. People!
  16. Where do I go?
  17. Tons of people!
  18. SV Caroline Gale helps out
  19. Newcomer's Orientation
  20. Newcomers' Meeting
  21. Steven Pemberton, CHI 97 Co-Chair
  22. Gerrit van der Veer, CMC Liaison for SIGCHI
  23. David Riederman at the Newcomer's Meeting
  24. The members of Squeezing, Stroking and Poking take their title a little too literally: Kiyokuni Kawachiya, Ravin Balakrishnan, Beverly Harrison, Pranay Patel
  25. Message boards down at the Commons
  26. Networking in the Commons
  27. Job Board
  28. Business cards rock
  29. Internet Lounge
  30. Setting up the CHIkids booth
  31. Philip Jeffrey and his student poster in the Commons
  32. Cyberhand in Exhibits
  33. Andrew Sears and Julie Jacko, Tutorial Co-Chairs
  34. Local SIGs: Bring something other than a cheesy freebies back home from CHI
  35. Free T-Shirts and Publications at the ACM Booth!
  36. Alan Kay at the Education Application Domain Plenary
  37. Eliot Solloway, Michael Tauber, Alan Kay
  38. Health Care Panel: Dr. Hiatt, Dr. Karat, Dr. Mattison, Dr. Jamar, Dr. Orland
  39. Barney comes to life at CHIkids
  40. Mass of CHIkids
  41. Dead CHIkids leader
  42. The Opening Reception: Tuesday, April 21
  43. The Marquee at the Conference Reception
  44. At the Opening Reception
  45. Aaron Marcus and friend
  46. Oscar goes to CHI
  47. Leon Watts
  48. Josie Chu and Mikael Goldstein
  49. CHI 98 Conference fees put to good use
  50. Bonnie John and Dan Olsen
  51. "A Taste of Hollywood"
  52. "Lucy"
  53. Clare-Marie, David Riederman, John DeLorenzo, and Darren Ramdin
  54. Wendy Kellogg, John Thomas and Allison Druin
  55. Ben (who lost his voice) and Jenny Preece
  56. Steven Pemberton showing off his ribbons
  57. "Cher"
  58. Heather Desurvire and Mary Czerwinski
  59. Barbee Teasley, a smiling Arnie, Mary Carol Day, Marlene Lund
  60. Mike Atwood, Chair of SIGCHI
  61. Catharine Plaisant, friend, and "Clint"
  62. Gene Lynch and Clare-Marie
  63. Cathy Wolf, Alberta (Clare-Marie's mom) and Agnes (John's mom)
  64. PPT Slide
  65. Dr. Michael Kahn, Health Care Application Domain Plenary
  66. Doug Engelbert with Moira Gunn
  67. The last Xerox Star demo EVER
  68. The back of the last functional Xerox Star: yes, that's the REAL hardware!
  69. David Canfield-Smith proudly displays what a what 1 megabyte used to look like in the Star
  70. Mary Dickerson at the Budget Office, paying those CHI 98 bills!
  71. Mike Atwood, SIGCHI Chair, leads the SIGCHI Business Meeting
  72. SIGCHI Business Meeting
  73. I love my credentials!
  74. CHIkids get a demo from Alan Kay
  75. Demos are cool
  76. The SVs duke it out for jobs
  77. SVs, on the prowl for free stuff, storm an unsuspecting booth
  78. Giving freebies to SVs inevitably leads to Stupid Human Tricks
  79. The CHIkids press corps cover all the big stories while still managing to squeeze in a few rounds of kickball
  80. One CHIkid and two leaders: finally, a fair match-up
  81. The CHIkids make high-tech origami
  82. Receptions, Receptions, Receptions: Wednesday, April 22
  83. Clare-Marie, John, Marilyn Salzman, Doug Englebert at Brenda Laurel's reception
  84. Cathy Wolf, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, Wendy MacKay
  85. Doug Engelbart
  86. John Karat and Jim Miller (Chair, CHI 92)
  87. Clayton Lewis, Brenda Laurel, John Vergo, Tom Hewett
  88. Barbee Teasley, Kevin Schofield
  89. Jonathan Grudin
  90. Brenda Laurel and John Karat
  91. Tom Erickson
  92. Marilyn Salzman, Marilyn Tremaine, Thea Turner, Barbee Teasley
  93. Day Three, Thursday, April 23
  94. Hanging out in the SV Lounge
  95. Where all of those leftovers really go
  96. Paul Dourish and Jason Ellis
  97. CHIkids newsletter
  98. "No, really - a 5 hour shift at CHIkids isn't bad at all"
  99. "Yeah, finally a picture we can all agree on" - The Slide Presentation Creators, Josh Creter, Carolyn Gale, Clare-Marie and Arnie
  100. An informal demo, led by Doug Englebart
  101. Demoing the Xlibris project
  102. "Sure, I've worked 20 hours"
  103. Mark Swain, Entertainment Domain Plenary speaker
  104. Mark Swain, Fran Arble
  105. Barney attends a session (also spotted: Jun Rekimoto)
  106. Jodi Morrison, Computing Support
  107. Attendees
  108. George Furnas
  109. Jock McKinley, Erin Bradner, Saul Greenberg
  110. Paul Henning, ironing out the last minute details
  111. Stacy Riley, Conference Logistics
  112. CHIkids leaders Tim Lester and Mark Platt (or Tweedledum and Tweedledee)
  113. Last-minute prep for the Closing Plenary (and we mean really last minute!)

May 7, 1998