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April 18-23, 1998, Los Angeles, CA USA

Welcome to the Advance Program

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Making the Impossible Possible

At CHI 98, we will offer a multifaceted forum for the advancement, transfer and sharing of human-computer interaction (HCI) knowledge that can be used to improve the quality of life. We invite you to join a multidisciplinary group of people exploring advances in HCI, tackling current real-world challenges and creating the foundation for a promising future. Let's clarify where HCI has evolved, understand more about the context of HCI work and solutions and provide a forum for theory and processes that may be applied to solve real-world challenges. Let's focus on the seemingly impossible challenges facing our communities, and create breakthroughs by channeling the expertise of the people working in these domain areas with the HCI and technology expertise from the SIGCHI community.

The CHI conferences are known for leading-edge programs of Demonstrations, Exhibits, Late-Breaking Results, Panels, Papers, SIGs, Tutorials, Videos, Workshops and much more! This year is no exception, and the conference will build on the strength of the past and explore new innovations as well. All this will occur in the midst of the most important part of the conference, the great group of people who come to hear and discuss current issues with each other!

There are many application domains and solutions that CHI 98 is highlighting; the education, entertainment and health care application domains have been selected for special focus. Since these areas touch all of our lives, they are expected to generate significant general interest for the HCI community. We are providing the opportunity to enhance the growth of core multidisciplinary groups of individuals communicating and collaborating with each other on new projects and application solutions in a wide variety of domain areas.

CHI 98 invites researchers, practitioners and educators, students and professionals; from academia, industry, government, health care and the arts; people who have never attended CHI before, and returning CHI attendees; from all over the world, to come and meet each other, participate in the variety of events at CHI, and begin new collaborations.

Please join us!

Clare-Marie Karat and Arnold Lund, 
Conference and Technical Program Co-Chairs

January 11, 1998