CHI 97 Electronic Publications: Design Briefings

Associate Editors: Thomas Erickson and Ian L. McClelland

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CHI 97 Proceedings: Design Briefings

Simple, Small and Focused: Managing Personal Information

Tuesday, 25 March 1997-4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Simplified Applications for Network Computers
Don Gentner, Frank Ludolph, Chris Ryan, Sun Microsystems

Design: No Job too Small
Jean C. Scholtz, UserWorks
Tony Salvador, Intel
Pete Lockhart, Beta Base
James Newbery, University of Nottingham

Claris Organizer's Expanding Contact Card
Philip D. Haine, Claris Corporation

Understanding Users

Wednesday, 26 March 1997-9:00 am to 10:30 am

KidPad: A Design Collaboration Between Children, Technologists, and Educators
Allison Druin, Jason Stewart, David Proft, Ben Bederson, Jim Hollan, University of New Mexico

Designing a Graphical User Interface for Healthcare Workers in Rural India
Sally Grisedale, Michael Graves, Alexander Grunsteidl, Apple Research Laboratories

Balancing Usability and Learning in an Interface
Noel Rappin, Mark Guzdial, Matthew Realff, Pete Ludovice, Georgia Institute of Technology

Working with Stakeholders: Design Within and Among Organizations

Wednesday, 26 March 1997-2:30 pm to 4:00 pm

Reflections on I/Design: User Interface Design at a Startup
Allison L. Hansen, Internet Profiles Corporation

Social Trends and Product Opportunities: Philips' Vision of the Future Project
Robert Lambourne, Khodi Feiz, Bertrand Rigot, Philips Corporate Design

Putting Visualization to Work: ProgramFinder for Youth Placement
Jason B. Ellis, Anne Rose, Catherine Plaisant, University of Maryland

Access to Knowledge: Libraries and Data Mining

Thursday, 27 March 1997-11:30 am to 1:00 pm

The Multimedia Library: The Center of an Information-Rich Community
Gerard Jorna, Mirjam Wouters, Paul Gardien, Hans Kemp, Jack Mama, Irene Mavromati, Ian McClelland, Linda Vodegel Matzen, Philips Corporate Design

Bringing Treasures to the Surface: Iterative Design for the Library of Congress National Digital Library Program
Catherine Plaisant, Gary Marchionini, Tom Bruns, Anita Komlodi, University of Maryland
Laura Campbell, Library of Congress

Evolution of a User Interface Design: NCR's Management Discovery Tool
James F. Knutson, Gateway 2000
Tej Anand, Richard L. Henneman, NCR Corporation

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CHI 97 Electronic Publications: Design Briefings