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CHI in Space

Session Chair: Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson, Apple Computer Inc.
Touchscreen Usability in Microgravity
Jurine A. Adolf, Lockheed Martin Engineering and Sciences Services
Kritina L. Holden, Syntropy Corporation
A Wearable Computer for Use in Microgravity Space and Other Non-Desktop Environments
Edgar Matias, The Matias Corporation
I. Scott MacKenzie, University of Guelph
William Buxton, University of Toronto and Xerox Parc
Efficacy of a Predictive Display, Steering Device, and Vehicle Body Representation in the Operation of a Lunar Vehicle
Santosh Mathan, Arn Hyndman, Karl Fischer, Jeremiah Blatz, Douglas Brams, Carnegie Mellon University
Common Ground for Critical Shuttle and Space Station User Interfaces: An Independent Verification and Validation Approach
Mihriban Whitmore, Andrea H. Berman

Designing and Evaluating Interfaces and Systems

Session Chairs: Stacey Ashlund, Lotus Development Corporation; Andrew Monk, University of York
GUI Users Have Trouble Using Graphic Conventions on Novel Tasks
Catherine A. Ashworth, University of Colorado, Boulder
Looking for Usability Problems with the Ergonomic Criteria and with the ISO 9241-10 Dialogue Principles
J.M. Christian Bastien, Centre de Recherche Informatique de Montreal,
Dominique L. Scapin, Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique
Corinne Leulier, Universite Rene Descartes
Examining Basic Items of a Screen Design
Kenji Ido, Chiba University
Toshiki Yamaoka, Toshiba Corporation
Case Based Reasoning Approach to Creating User Interface Components
Suneela R. Joshi, Creative Solutions, Inc.
William W. McMillan, Eastern Michigan University
CockpitView: A User Interface Framework for Future Network Terminals
George Michelitsch, NEC
Multi-Skill Cooperation in User Interface Design
I. Lambert, N. Portolan, CCETT
The Group Elicitation Method for Participatory Design and Usability Testing
Guy A. Boy, European Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Engineering


Session Chair: Rhona Charron, MPR Teltech Ltd
ScienceSpace: Lessons for Designing Immersive Virtual Realities
Marylin C. Salzman, Chris Dede, Deirdre McGlynn, George Mason University
R. Bowen Loftin, NASA/Johnson Space Center
Appopriateness of Graphical Program Representations for Training Applications
Marian G. Williams, Hyxia Villegas, Unversity of Massachusetts Lowell
J. Nicholas Buehler, Merrimack College

Gender and Skill

Session Chair: Tom Dayton, Bellcore
Gender and Skill in Human Computer Interaction
Ellen Balka, Memorial University of New Foundland

Remote Communication

Session Chair: Hiroshi Ishii, MIT Media Laboratory
Anthropometric Data on Horizontal Head Movements in Videcommunications
Martin Böcker, Werner Blohm, Lothar Mühlbach, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut für Nachrichtentechnik
The Freedom to Work from an Arbitrary Position
Britt Jönsson, Anne Schomer, Ericsson Media Lab
Konrad Tollmar, The Royal Institute of Technology
The Effects of Emotional Icons on Remote Communication
Krisela Rivera, Nancy J. Cooke, Jeff A. Bauhs, New Mexico State University
Remote Assistance: A View of the Work and a View of the Face?
Leon Watts, Andrew F. Monk, University of York

Structuring and Finding Information

Session Chair: Stephane Chatty, Centre d'Etudes de la Navigation Aerienne
A Task-Oriented Interface to a Digital Library
Steve B. Cousins, Stanford University
ESPACE 2: An Experimental HyperAudio Environment
Nitin "Nick" Sawhney, Arthur Murphy, Georgia Institute of Technology
Structuring Voice Records Using Keyword Labels
Nick Haddock, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
A Study of User Participation in Standards Setting
Kai Jacobs, Rob Procter, Robin Williams, University of Edinburgh
BDDTCL: An Environment for Visualizing and Manipulating Binary Decisions Diagrams
Kurt E. Partridge, University of Washington
Characterization and Assessment of HTML Style Guides
Julie Ratner, Eric M. Grose, Chris Forsythe, Sandia National Laboratories

Video and Television

Session Chair: Alistair Edwards, University of York
Concurrent Engineering for an Interactive TV Interface
Ivan Bretan and Per Kroon, Telia Research AB
Interfaces for Managing Access to a Video Archive
Andrew Gordon, Smadar Kedar, Eric Domeshek, Northwestern University
The Effect of Frame Rate and Video Information Redundancy on the Perceptual Learning of American Sign Language Gestures
B.F. Johnson, J.K. Caird, University of Calgary