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Table of Contents: Videos

Exploring Large Tables with the Table Lens
Ramana Rao, Stuart K. Card, Xerox PARC
Visual Decision-making: Using Treemaps for the Analytic Hierarchy Process
Toshiyuki Asahi, David Turo, Ben Shneiderman, University of Maryland
The DragMag Image Magnifier
Colin Ware, University of New Brunswick; Marlon Lewis, SatLantic, Inc.
SageTools: An Intelligent Environment for Sketching, Browsing, and Customizing Data-Graphics
Steven Roth, John Kolojejchick, Joe Mattis, Mei C. Chuah, Carnegie Mellon University
A Taxonomy of See-Through Tools: The Video
Eric A. Bier, Ken Fishkin, Ken Pier, Maureen C.Stone, Xerox PARC
The Movable Filter as an Interface Tool: The Video
Eric A. Bier, Ken Fishkin, Ken Pier, Maureen C.Stone, Xerox PARC
Building a Distributed Application Using Visual Obliq
Krishna Bharat, Georgia Institute of Technology; Marc Brown, DEC Systems Research Centre
Lyberworld – A 3D Graphical User Interface for Fulltext Retrieval
Matthias Hemmje, German National Research Centre for Computer Science
Organization Overviews and Role Management: Inspiration for Future Desktop Environments
Catherine Plaisant, HCIL, Centre for Automation Research; Ben Shneiderman, HCIL, Centre for Automation Research, and University of Maryland
Ariel: Augmenting Paper Engineering Drawings
W.E. Mackay, D.S. Pagani, L. Faber, B. Inwood, P. Launiainen, L. Brenta, V. Pouzol, Rank Xerox Research Centre (EuroPARC)
Synergies: A Vision of Information Products Working Together
Steve Anderson, Shiz Kobara, Barry Mathis, Dustin Rosing, Ev Shafrir, Hewlett-Packard Company
The Tablet Newspaper: A Vision for the Future
Teresa Martin, Knight-Ridder Information Design Lab
A Three-Step Filtering Mechanism
Masashi Uyama, FRIEND21 Research Center, Institute for Personalised Information Environment
Tactile-based Direct Manipulation in GUIs for Blind Users
Helen Petrie, Sarah Morley, University of Hertfordshire; Gerhard Weber, Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Informatik
Voice Systems: An Inventor's Guide
Chris Cowley, ACE Department, Bournemouth University; Dylan Jones, University of Cardiff

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