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Table of Contents: Organization Overviews

Organization Overviews

What You See, Some of What's in the Future, And How We Go About Doing It: HI at Apple Computer, Inc.
Don Norman, Jim Miller, Austin Henderson, Apple Computer, Inc.
Usability at Eastman Kodak Company: A Study in Group Collaboration
Elizabeth Rosenweig, Cay Lodin, Eastman Kodak Company
Interface Evaluation, Design and Research at Intel
Jean Scholtz, Paul Sorenson, Intel Corporation

Cognitive Modeling

Friend21 Project: Two-tiered Architecture for 21st-century Human Interfaces
Hajime Nonagaki, Fujitsu Advanced Printing & Publishing Co., Ltd. Hirotada Ueda, Hitachi Denshi, Ltd.
HCI at New Mexico State University
Douglas Gillan, New Mexico State University

HCI Consulting

Interaction Design at IDEO Product Development
Peter Spreenberg, Gitta Salomon, Phillip Joe, IDEO Product Design
User Interface Engineering: Fostering Creative Product Development
Jared Spool, Carolyn Snyder, Will Schroeder, User Interface Engineering
Integrated Software Usability Services
Christel Dehaes, Kris Vanstappen, The Human Interface Group

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