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CHI '95 was the 1995 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems and was sponsored by ACM/SIGCHI. CHI '95 was held in Denver, Colorado, USA (May 7 - 11, 1995).

CHI 96 will take place in Vancouver, Canada (April 14-18, 1996).

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What's New?


Electronic Proceedings

The conference proceedings are being re-designed. The content of the papers and such is finished, but not all of the "surrounding" aspects are finished yet.

Advance Program

Quick jumps into interesting parts of the Advance Program:

Conference Committee Roster

A list of the people who are making CHI '95 happen.

About Denver

See some of the attractions awaiting you in the host city.

Past CHI conference information

A list of past CHI conferences and some information about last year's CHI.

Call for Participation

The Call is getting old, so much of its information is out of date. We are keeping it online, however.

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