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Computer-Human Interaction 2000
1-6 April 2000
Nederlands Congress Centre
The Hague, The Netherlands

Come to CHI 2000 and find out what the leaders in Human-Computer Interaction are thinking and doing.

CHI 2000 is the premier worldwide forum for the exchange of information on all aspects of how people interact with computers. To see the complete conference offering, go directly to the CHI 2000 Advance Program.

Researchers, practitioners, educators and students from around the world will join in exploring the future of Human-Computer Interaction. Over 2000 professionals from over 35 countries attend the CHI conference. CHI 2000 is six days of world-class presentations including: 31 tutorials, two plenary sessions, dynamic panels, invited sessions, paper sessions and more.

Press Releases

The following press releases may be of interest:

Past CHI Coverage

The annual CHI conference attracts a lot of attention from the media. A number of articles about the conference and the work presented there are written each year. Some interesting articles include:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: (site of last year's CHI Conference):

Electronic Engineering Times (EETimes):

and articles in USA Today:

Forbes and Scientific American.

Participation in CHI 2000 is open to all with an interest in Human-Computer Interaction.

CHI 2000 is sponsored by ACM's Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (ACM SIGCHI). In addition to ACM, various organizations support CHI 2000. Champion sponsors include: Diamond Bullet Design, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Sun Microsystems, Unisys and Yahoo! Contributing sponsors include: AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lucent Technologies, Oracle, Philips, SAP AG, Sapient, Siebel Systems and WM-data.

Predict the future by helping to create it. Plan to attend CHI 2000.

Media Pre-Registration Form

Please complete the Media pre-registration application form and submit the required documentation via mail or fax by 15 March 2000.

CHI 2000 Press Credentials are for editorial personnel. Note: Advertising, sales, marketing and other non-editorial personnel will not be provided with a press credential.


All applicants MUST submit one of the following by mail or fax:

  • A bylined article written by you, on your publication's masthead, and published within the last 6 months
  • A letter from your editor, on your media outlet's stationary, stating that you are assigned to cover CHI 2000.

Mail or fax your request to:

R. Stevens
CHI 2000 Media Relations
c/o Ace Public Relations
366 Iris Way
Palo Alto, CA 94303

Tel: +1 650-494-2800
Fax: +1 650-494-2891

What Next?

You will receive notification of your registration status from Ace Public Relations within two weeks of receipt of your application. The CHI 2000 press badge, which will be available for pick-up on-site, will admit working media, free of charge, to all exhibits, keynotes, conference sessions, special events and press-only events on a space available basis.

For more information about CHI 2000 or the field of Human-Computer Interaction, please contact Ace Public Relations at:

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