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General Conference Co-Chairs:

Gerd Szwillus,
University of Paderborn,

Thea Turner,

Conference Overview

The annual CHI conference is the leading international forum for the exchange of ideas and information about human-computer interaction (HCI). Diverse members of the global HCI community meet at the CHI conference to share the excitement of discovery and invention, to make and strengthen professional relationships and friendships, and to tackle real-world problems. Come to CHI 2000, and be part of laying the foundations of our discipline and identifying the challenges yet to be solved.

CHI 2000 invites submissions on the full range of HCI-related topics, including, but by no means limited to:

  • visions of HCI in the future
  • HCI moving beyond the desktop to new application areas and user populations
  • HCI research and development in Europe
  • new, integrative, or forward-looking perspectives on HCI
  • analysis, design, and evaluation methods
  • HCI and society
  • HCI and users with special needs
  • theoretical foundations of HCI
  • devices and displays
  • systems, tools, and interaction techniques
  • critical reviews of HCI work
  • education about HCI
  • case studies and design briefings
  • guidelines and design heuristics

The CHI 2000 Conference Proceedings is the main archival publication of the conference. The proceedings serves as a key reference document for researchers and practitioners in the field. The CHI 2000 Extended Abstracts contains summary descriptions of many submissions and presentations. The CHI 2000 Video Proceedings and the CHI 2000 Video Program contain all accepted video materials, including video figures, video demonstrations, and video papers. All publications will be given to all conference registrants and sold by ACM after the conference.

CHI 2000 is committed to maintaining high quality conference publications. The conference reserves the right to publish only high quality submissions that meet the conference's formatting standards. Note that CHI expects its archival material to contain previously unpublished work. Except in extremely unusual circumstances, we will not accept papers whose content significantly overlaps with work presented or submitted elsewhere.

Related Submissions
You may prepare as many submissions as you like in the same or different categories. Related submissions in complementary categories (e.g., example, a paper and a demonstration) are strongly encouraged.

Invitation to Volunteer:
The ACM SIGCHI organization is run as a partnership between hundreds of volunteers and the professional staff. The quality of the programs and the "look-and-feel" of the conferences are directly attributable to the efforts of volunteers and the many hours of dedication that these HCI professionals contribute to the field. If you want to be involved in the SIGCHI organization or to help organize future CHI conferences, please complete the ACM SIGCHI Volunteer Sign-Up Form. As a volunteer, you will help shape the direction of our professional organization and its conferences.

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