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Special Area Chairs:

Future HCI
Jim Miller
Miramontes Computing,

Beyond the Desktop
Panu Korhunen
NOKIA Research Center,

European HCI
Manfred Tscheligi
University of Vienna,

Robin Jeffries
Sun Microsystems,

Conference Theme and Special Areas

Throughout the conference, we will highlight four aspects of the Conference Theme, The Future is Here. The four aspects are Future HCI, Beyond the Desktop, European HCI and Interaction.

Future HCI
Future HCI is a reflection of the new millenium, exploring visions of the future that will challenge us in the 21st century. This area encourages the submission of work of a more speculative, forward-looking nature.

CHI 2000 would also like to allow its attendees to experience the future while at the conference. To this end, we welcome proposals from organizations that are working on pre-product, leading-edge technologies and are interested in allowing them to be used by conference attendees during the week of the conference. This is a unique opportunity to put this new technology into the hands of several thousand of the world's leading experts in HCI. Not only does this offer organizations a highly-visible role in the conference, but it gives access to highly-educated feedback on these new technologies.

Beyond the Desktop
Beyond the Desktop will highlight emerging technologies and their users, interaction techniques, and contexts of use. As computing technology continues to evolve, new applications come into use. No aspect of our lives seems to be unaffected. Now computers are portable or worn, embedded in offices, homes, and cars. They help us to communicate, stay healthy, study, buy goods, navigate the world, and stay informed. Increasingly, devices can communicate with each other and connect us to other devices. Devices are no longer limited to the standard graphical user interfaces but can exploit the possibilities of new varieties of multiple interaction techniques.

People's attitudes toward new devices change as they discover new benefits. These devices can often have great personal or social value.

We need to understand how human-product relationships are evolving and to help set new directions for the design of products and services.

European HCI
CHI 2000 will focus on Europe's HCI scene. Submissions are encouraged that reflect European viewpoints on all aspects of HCI and that highlight Europe's role in the future.

In addition, Europeans are encouraged to help us develop alternative ways to highlight European achievements, reflections, ideas, thinking, organizations, and initiatives. You are invited to participate in the development of the Europe HCI Village where all attendees can come into contact with Europe's achievements in the field. Use the opportunity of the CHI Conference in Europe to be an active part of the community. For more information, please contact the European HCI chair.

Some of the most important moments of the CHI conference are the opportunities to meet and to discuss HCI topics and develop new relationships. Recognizing the importance of this, CHI 2000 will make a significant effort to enable delegates to find people with similar interests and to have thought-provoking, energizing conversations. Most of the opportunities we are planning will be revealed when you arrive at the conference. CHI 2000 is particularly interested in providing sessions that stimulate participants to develop new ways of thinking and offer fascinating discussion topics. The conference encourages submissions that are provocative, challenging, and perhaps unconventional in all categories. These submissions are subject to the normal review criteria, but reviewers will be asked to pay special attention to submissions with the possibility of challenging the community.

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