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Registration Deadlines:
Housing Registration Conference Rate10 Feb 2000
Early Registration Discount18 Feb 2000
CHIkids Registration01 Mar 2000
Media Pre-Registration15 Mar 2000
Advance Registration20 Mar 2000
Submissions Deadlines:
(Live and Video)
13 Sep 1999
Development Consortium13 Sep 1999
Doctoral Consortium13 Sep 1999
European HCI Village13 Dec 1999
Future HCI1 Nov 1999
Organization Overviews13 Sep 1999
Panels13 Sep 1999
Papers13 Sep 1999
Short Talks and Interactive Posters13 Dec 1999
Special Interest Groups13 Dec 1999
Student Posters13 Dec 1999
Tutorials30 Jul 1999
Video Papers13 Sep 1999
Workshops13 Sep 1999
Workshops Position Papers (original)28 Jan 2000
Workshops Position Papers (extended)10 Feb 2000
Volunteering/Mentoring Deadlines:
CHIkids Leaders31 Jan 1999
for Tutorials:28 May 1999
for Papers or Organization Overviews:15 Jun 1999
for all other submissions:4 Oct 1999
Volunteering to Review
(see the Reviewer Volunteer Center)
for Papers:18 Jul 1999
for Short Talks and Interactive Posters:1 Oct 1999
for Student Posters:1 Oct 1999
for Tutorials:3 Jun 1999
Student Volunteers
Preliminary deadline:13 Sep 1999
Final deadline:28 Jan 2000
Corporate Deadlines:
Exhibits and Sponsors
For listing in all Conference Publications:5 Nov 1999
Conference Program & Proceedings only:7 Jan 2000
Conference Program only:11 Feb 2000

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