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Guide to Successful Papers Submission

Guide to Successful Video Submission

Cover page submission form

Submitting to CHI: Process and Format

All submissions require a portion to be submitted in the Conference Publications Format, except Tutorials. Each Participation Category has its own requirements for submitting in this format.

Below are documents that not only describe this format, but they also appear in the conference format. You can replace the content with your own to help you follow the formatting rules. Styles are used to make it easy to adhere to the format.

These documents can be used as templates for your submissions and, if accepted, to help you produce your camera-ready copy.

  • Download Publications Format: Microsoft Word - For version 6 and greater, both Macintosh and Windows.
  • Download Publications Format: Rich Text Format (RTF) - For earlier versions of Word.

Cover Pages must also accompany your submission. As each category has different requirements, consult the individual Participation Categories to determine your requirements. The easiest way to submit cover pages is to use the electronic cover page submission form.

Video Submissions

There are three categories of video submissions for CHI 2000. Authors should consider which category is most appropriate for presenting their work. All videos will be distriuted to conference attendees and are archived permanently by CHI.

Types of Video Submissions

  • Video Figures - A video figure, up to 2 minutes in length, may accompany a paper submission. It is intended to supply additional information in the same way that a color plate does.

  • Video Demonstration - A video demonstration shows an interface concept, system, or technique in detail. It is a maximum of eight minutes in length and is included in the CHI 2000 Video Program. It is accompanied by a two-page extended abstract published in the CHI 2000 Extended Abstracts.

  • Video Papers - A video paper is a highly-refereed video submission. It provides an alternative to textual papers for authors whose work is difficult to portray on paper. A video paper is a maximum eight minutes in length and is inclued in the CHI 2000 Video Proceedings. It is accompanied by a four-page textual paper to be published in the CHI 2000 Conference Proceedings.

Video Submission Guidelines
For a video submission, prepare a videotape of the appropriate length as defined for your submission type. Videos which are longer than the given time limit will not be considered. Submit your video in either NTSC or PAL format. Please contact one of the Co-Chairs responsible for your submission category if you are unable to use either of these formats. Please note that if your video is accepted you are expected to submit your final video in a higher-quality format, such as Beta-SP, U-Matic, or S-VHS, if possible.

There are specific laws and regulations related to use of third-party media elements in video. It is the responsibility of the author of a video demo to secure and pay for appropriate rights to music, photographs, video clips, and other media elements that are used. If any third-party media are used, proof that rights have been secured must be submitted with the final camera-ready materials. Because of the inherent difficulties in securing and documenting these rights, we strongly discourage submitters from using third-party media.

For more details on video submissions, be sure to read the Guide to Successful Video Submissions.

Electronic Submissions

Most categories request that you send an electronic version of all or part of your submission to the Send To email address for your category. If you are requested to send a simple email message, then send plain ASCII text. If you are requested to send a formatted document, such as an extended abstract, use the PDF file format. The file should be an attachment to an email message with the subject line"CHI2000/(title)", where (title) stands for the title of your submission.

PDF format can be created from PostScript files using readily available public domain software. PostScript can be produced by almost every word processor. If you have any difficulties in creating a PDF file or in sending it by email, please check back here for up-to-date information on electronic submissions or contact the Co-Chairs of your submission category.

Poster Preparation Guidelines

If your submission category includes a poster, prepare the material to create a poster to bring to the conference. Each poster will have a display space approximately 2m wide by 1m high (1m equals 3.28 feet). Audio-visual and computing equipment will not be supplied. Power outlets will not be available. Posters will be displayed in an area where attendees meet during session breaks. You are responsible for putting your poster up and removing it by the deadlines given to you by your category Co-Chairs. Some posters are accompanied by specially scheduled poster sessions, where you are required to stand by your poster to be available for discussion. In the past, the inclusion of a packet of the author's business cards or a small mailbox, attached to the poster, has proved an efficient way to communicate with interested people when you are not there.

Language of the Conference

The language of the conference is English. Because the CHI audience comes from all over the world, please ensure that your submission is written in clear and simple prose. Please avoid regional expressions that would be difficult for the global audience to understand. Promotional information will use American English spelling.

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